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What's the single quickest thing I can do to get my site to page 1?

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What is the single quickest thing I can do to move my page up the rankings?

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alec bancroft

Become an authority and stamp all over it.

I agree that’s there no one magic bullet that will put you at the top of Google and more importantly keep you there.

However, if I had to choose one thing then I’d say it was choosing a subject matter that you loved and talk to death about it online.

As an example say you loved African Gray Parrots and knew every little snippet of information about them, you get online and structure your topics well and Google will snap it up.

You could then monetize the site with Adsense and offering links to parrot food, toys, cages etc.

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michaelcyger [ Admin ]

There is no silver bullet, “single quickest thing” to getting to page 1 of the search engine results pages. 

Having said that, here are some (sort-of) exceptions to the rule:
1. Start a pay-per-click advertising campaign using Google AdWords, or similar.
2. Build the page for a very specific keyword phrase that doesn’t have much competition. SEOing for “used cars” presents about 55,400,000 results, but “black used cars” only has about 48,800 competitors and “black tan used cars” only has 4 competitors. Although it’s easier and faster to become #1 for “black tan used cars”, you trade search traffic quantity for that benefit.
3. Get a ton of links from other reputable sites using your desired keyword phrase as the link text. It’s not easy and “quick” is relative, but it’s going to drive your site up the rankings.

Good luck.
NN comments
- did u find no of competitors ?? from adword tool ? i guess it doesnt show no of competitors..or any other tool

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deanfortythree [ Editor ]

Focus on attracting customers and conversions vs just getting to number 1.  Getting to #1 for something that no one searches for does you no good.  Improving the number of visitors and conversions on your site does.  A lot of people make the mistake of thinking there is a silver bullet for SEO (see: 10 questions to ask a SEO consultant), when in truth the only two search engines that matter (Google and Bing, remember Yahoo uses Bing) look at where your links are from, what the substance of your site is, your CTR and other factors that a human being takes into account.  That’s why Google was successful in the first place, it’s search engine thought like a person, instead of asking people to think like a search engine.  Bing follows suit. 

All that said, links from high page rank sites related to the subject of your site, and strong on-page optimization (keywords in the body, title tags) will make all the difference.

Dean Richard

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You can increase pagerank by good quality in the site/blog ,regular updates,interlinking posts,SEO methods,Good website design & uptime,social media,affiliate marketing etc.I insist that SEO is the best and steady way to improve a site’s page rank.I suggest you to use the SEV(Search Engine Visibility) from as they cover many techniques like keyword and suggested topics,submit the site to over 100 search engines,submission to directories,sitemap creation and also provide reports which will eventually improve your website traffic.In short SEO is the best way to promote site and gain your desired web presence.

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