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What is the range of costs for PPC campaigns?

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What kind of costs can I expect per PPC campaigns on Google, MSN, Yahoo and Bing? Can I expect to pay less on one of the sites versus another?

Also, what should be my minimum buy if I want to start a month’s worth of advertising?

Thanks for your help! :)
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They are all over the place, ranging from \$0.05 to \$100+. Legal, debt and adult usually have the high costs. If the cost is really low, usually it’s a result of not much search volume so you won’t have many clicks either.

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I would agree with the range of costs and the types of industries that are higher cost. Medical keywords are also higher cost terms. I would disagree with the second point about low cost equaling lower search volume. Brand keywords command an extremely low Avg. CPC and generate high click and conversion volume. I also have many clients who receive high click and conversion volume on generic keywords with a very low Avg. CPC. The rule of thumb to remember is that a high CTR on any keyword should result in high Quality Score and lower costs.

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