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What is the best way to monetize a domain name?

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I am the owner of more than 725 domain names. I have a lot of premium domain names and I have been taking the cash parking route. Cash parking sucks! What is the best way to monetize a domain? Adsense? Affiliate programs? Forums? Minisites? Splash pages? HELP!

Domainer in dire need of ROI! ;–)

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Where can I rent the domain names or lease the domains? I am going through an info overload.

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You need to find a lessee/renter or find a broker to help you find a lessee/renter. It’s not easy to do, but if it were easy everyone would be doing it.

The alternative is to sit and wait for someone to contact you about a sale. If they cannot afford the price you are asking but are still interested, you can suggest a lease/rental arrangement.

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There are only four ways to make money with a domain name:

  1. Sell it
  2. Rent it or Lease it
  3. Park it
  4. Build it out

You’ve already tried the parking route, and I suspect that you’re not even covering your reg fees, eh?

You could clearly sell the domain names, but I suspect that you want to keep your assets and add value to them.

Renting or leasing are great options, but you have a lot of domain names and without the traffic on a domain name (to rent) or a fantastic domain name that someone else wants at any cost (to lease), you’re stuck. However, if you can do these, go for it because it only increases the value of the domain name while bringing in revenue.

Building out is probably your best choice. You could go with a content site, directory, or blog. The problem that I have in providing advice is that I have no idea what kind of domain names you have. They could be premium to you, but nobody else (no offense). Or they could be something like or Without knowing the domain name types, I cannot recommend how to build them out. Feel free to post a comment and clarify if you want my input, which I’m happy to provide.

Also, since you have 725 domains, most are probably marginal and a handful are probably your best. Develop out your best first. How to pick one from the 5 best? What are you most passionate about? If you were to start developing out one topic, which would you continue to do for a year without generating any revenue. That’s the one you want. Go for it. The revenue will come if you truly are passionate about the topic.

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gard jenssen

I would suggest trying out our service It lets you build a useful, thematic and living web site with your domain in less than 20 minutes. With eCPM at roughly 20 USD on average and a CTR of more than 3% you will do much better than any parking service, get a good track record with the search engines (making your domain more valuable) and at the same time learn if the domain is worth further customization/building with e.g. a manual WordPress site.

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rob docherty

I just launched to teach website monetization for free, in an open forum from scratch. Join my site and call me: 502-403-3504 I’d be happy to discuss some ideas. I’m an SEO expert myself and do design, coding, etc. perhaps I can help.

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