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Hi, I’m looking to buy good exact match domain and maybe build a site around them or use typing techniques. So i’ve been looking around internet what people do. And i found a domain that was already used, it is “”, it has an exact match montlhy search less that 10 on google adword which is bad and 90500 monthly broad match search. so i thought that is a crap Domain. But when you look on compete you can see that 102505 people went on the site on march 2012? how is that. can anybody explain that. how did that forwarded domain attracted so much people in such a quick time. i thought that a good domain needed to have at least a 1000 exact match search per month to be a good one as Andrew Rosener is saying. And what is incredeble is that traffic was made in less than a month!

I’m looking to find someone expert in the domain industry to answer my questions, i have so many. So if someone is willing to help, i’d be gratefull.

thanks a lot.


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