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SEO guru vs Automated SEO software.....Which of them does a better job?

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I was reading an article about a company that spend over \$5,000 monthly on SEO. I want to know why the SEO guru charge that kind of amount? I have a friend that have some automated SEO software and uses them to rank on google. Isn’t the same SEO software they used to buildlink? or is there something else they do, I will like to know?

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Can you supply a link to the article, and a link to the SEO software? This question is almost impossible to answer intelligently without specifics about what the SEO consultant was doing or details about the features/functionality of the SEO software.

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i didn’t save the link to the article. My point why do SEO consultant charge high price? My friend brought some seo softwares like scrapebox, senuke x, backlinks energizer and he uses them to build backlinks. He purchased them with about \$500, but if he wants to hire an SEO expert to do link building for him, they will charge up to \$1000 per month. Isn’t the same SEO software they are using? Or do the SEO expert has other tools they use? Or do they build their links manually using a special techniques? I hope i have been able to make the question clear

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