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Permanent links format: How to Choose?

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In wordpress, I have the option to choose how the permanent URL looks like.

The common format is Year/Month/Day or Year/Month for blogs. However, I’ve occasionally seen some successful blogs take the date out: such as

What’s the impact of the above format on SEO?

Obviously, it’s more pleasant on the eye but does it negatively impact search ranking?

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phil buckley

If you’re hoping to get picked up by Google News they suggest leaving some type of date in the url.

For clients I usually suggest

Adding in the post id at the end means not having to worry about duplicates.

There is a performance concern using this set up, but since I always use a caching plugin it’s not as big of a concern for the site.

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If you use the full date format then search engines are more likely to treat your page as date sensitive. If you run a new site, go for it.

If you use the then you’re one directory removed from the root, which factors into search result algorithms but adds to organization/taxonomy, and adds another keyword or two to the URL, if that’s helpful to you.

If you run a site that publishes evergreen content and want everything to be equal, then use the structure, like

Make sense? If you have specifics about your website that you’d like to share, please comment and I’ll revise my suggestions.

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