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My blog which gets 300+ impression daily has stopped appearning on the 1st page of Google

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I have a blog regarding Placement papers from December 2010. My monthly impressions are around 4000. From last 2 days, my blog has disappeared from Google search engine pages. impressions have reduced drastically.

Please check Stat counter reports: Image Alt Text

My blog is still on the search engine because when i search “site:” on Google, i can see my all pages indexed over there…

But my pages which used to appear on the first or second pages of google do not appear any more.

Example: if i search with query “GE round 2 code writing test” on or yahoo search, first link on the result page is my blog.

But if you do same on google, my url do not appear even on the 1st 3 result pages. I used to get lots of visitors by these serch query earlier.

Any help is appreciated.

Blog Address:

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2 Days and not even single comment.. :–(

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For improve your blog ranking in google first of all submit your blog in google webmaster tool & verify you website & aslo submit your feed url in google webmaster tool. Then do some off page optimization work to promote your website in google. Off page activities are given below-:

  1. Directory Submission

  2. Deep Linking

  3. Social Bookmarking

  4. Article Submission

  5. Press Release Distribution

  6. Forum Posting

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