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i want to know about Angela's and Paul's Back links in Easy way?

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I’m a newbie here, and I want to know how much Angela’s and Paul’s sites are good for back-linking?How it works?

However, what are they actually? And, what are the names of their sites? I’d like to check them out and see if it really works.

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seo judge

This type of offer is a huge scam for one simple reason:

  • Google considers link buying as a spamming technique and it shows recently they were quite pissed off with people buying large amounts of links and penalized them.(see JC Penneys and others)

If you want to get some long terms rankings I strongly suggest to use other techniques.

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Check out the WSO area of the Warrior Forum. There is usually an offer by Angela to try out one month free when you subscribe. On the other hand, it’s also just 5 bucks so worth trying.

My experience has been totally great with them. The sites are usually forums and community sites where you are getting backlinks in either your bio area or in a sig file. My favorites are the sites where you can make blog posts. These are great places to post your articles for backlinks.

Most importantly, follow Angela’s instructions to avoid getting your accounts deleted on these sites for spamming. Angel and Paul have literally thousands of subscribers and about a week after each packet comes out every one of these sites is getting a HUGE influx of new accounts. Many of these will get immediately deleted as the people will open an account with nothing but a huge amount of backlinks. THIS IS SPAM!!

What will keep your account from being spam is when you give the site owners what they want. Members with complete profiles, and even some content.

Just MHO…

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