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How to optimize that good exact match domain

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Hi, i just bought taht domain: it has an exact match monthly search of 201000 on adword with low competition. And the searches should increase cause the contest is in december. I’m wondering what i should do to optimize that domain, in order to sell it at a good price. I’m betting in “future” domains, that will have good searches for sure ( ive seen that the domain is reserved till 2020!

so how to optimize such good domains i think. should i create a site around the subject improving my seo to rank well on google. If yes with such a domain how long do you think it can take to rank well as i have 2 month before december. If i want to hire the expertize of someone to make it rank quickly , who can i ask, is a good place to make that job for me?

Do yo think i just need to sell it now like that on flippa?

Do you thing that typing traffic can work well for such a keyword (, and if yes maybe i can just forward it to an affiliate tv partnership?

There are a lot of questions i know, but if someone is ready to share there knowledge and experience around it, i’m raedy to share whatever will be made with that domain!

thanks a lot


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