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How can I rank for misspelled keywords?

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I’ve got a domain name that has a popular misspelled keyword, but i want to also rank for the correct spelling as well. Do you have any suggestions on how to rank for these? For example, the keyword I’m trying to target is “barbecue” but my domain has “barbeque” in it. It’s quite interesting that the misspelled word gets 165,000 views per month compared to 40,000 for the correct spelling of barbecue. I would like to rank for both to get traffic from both sources. Thank you!

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I think you’d be wasting your time to try to SEO for both terms. You have the domain name value for the keyword. Stick to that and make it to #1 position. It will be much more valuable than trying to SEO for both and ranking #11 for both. Why? Optimizing for both will likely dilute your title tags and H1 labels. I know…it will feel awkward to write all of your content with the misspelling, but – hey – you did buy the domain name and 165,000 other searches per month take place! :)

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mike ogbin

You must focus in just one main keyword not for both. By doing so ( I meant focusing in both of them) you will end up failing in both. Don’t be greedy hhh. If you want to focus in the other main keyword “barbecue” you need to create a separate website.

I found a website that review an amazing keyword tool called Keyword elite 2.0. It always helping me achieving high ranking in each keyword I want to focus.

Good luck.

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