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Facebook Fan Page or Wordpress Blog, Which is SEO better?

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I’m thinking of building an area where I can share short notes (blog posts) with readers of a service. I’d like to have a small community of sorts. My question has to do with the domain and search engine optimization. Given that I have limited resources (time), should I create a Facebook fan page for the group (which would have a URL and not my desired domain), or go for a personal install of Wordpress on and try to build up my own website? Thanks for your input.

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In my opinion, this question can be answered in many ways based upon your level of experience in coding with Wordpress.  Both Facebook and Wordpress are valuable options and it is my belief that you should do both.

If you’re short on time, start out with Facebook and suggest the group/page to all your friends.  You can always go back and create a Wordpress site, although I would say doing it this way makes for a little more work (depends on the type and frequency in posting content).  I’ve posted a few thoughts for you to chew on as starters, knowing there is way more that you can do to fully optimize both.  But this should get your mind going…

From a long-term view, I recommend using Wordpress just due to the ownership of your data and building your search and page ranking via your personal domain.  This is a big ‘what if’, but suppose Facebook goes under, then how to you retrieve or own your content?  Big ‘what if’ but, you never know…. Just something to think about.  I would setup your wordpress blog and start posting your notes – you’ll need to start the timer and try to get out of the Google search/index sandbox.  The sooner you start, the better.  Also, Wordpress has some out of the box SEO plugins and themes you could use/modify based upon your level of expertise.  Also, definitely look into the Facebook developer tools/plugins/apps so you can add Facebook functionality to your blog.

From a short-term view, my experience has been that Facebook pages help sites get indexed faster.  I use Wordpress as my hub and Twitter and Facebook as my spokes to the outside world.  Because both Twitter and Facebook are highly trafficked sites, I stand a greater chance to have my Wordpress blog indexed sooner rather than later if it were standalone.  But I typically setup my blog first and then use an automated rss service to post my blog posts to the Facebook page.  And just like that… a Facebook community has been birthed and hopefully some of the users venture over to the website.

As an example, check out a personal project of mine at  I’ve not fully optimized the site like I should, but I had this up and rolling within a few hours and it’s working quite well.

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makes some compelling points in terms of getting your site initially indexed, but…

In terms of SEO alone, it probably better to use his model in which Wordpress is the hub and Twitter, Facebook, etc are the spokes.  Once the Wordpress blog is indexed, it will show up optimized for search engines in subsequent crawls, whereas Facebook content is not as immediately available where Google can see it.  Wordpress also creates perminent Paginated content, whereas, a FB Fan page is has few permanant links.

If it’s a question about your investment of time, then Facebook may be a good place to start.  But if you want to begin building strong SEO value, you will want to start soon on a Wordpress blog.

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morgan barnhart

I believe both have value because there are different demographics for both. Most people will have both in order to reach those different people. They’ll have a ‘like’ button on their blog in order to get people to like their fan page. They’ll also post their blog posts on their fan page to direct traffic to their blog.

I don’t see why you can’t have both, to be honest. Facebook is growing on a daily basis so it will be beneficial to at least have a presence on FB.

pretty much said it all, though.

Good luck!

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