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cooolite(shenzhen) Opto-electronics lighting Co.Ltd

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Cooolite(shenZhen) Opto-electronics Lighting Co. Ltd. is a professional LED Products manufacturer, it’s our aim to be the top-brand LED lighting company by continually developing LED tube,LED bulb, LED spotlight, LED downlight, LED panel and LED PL light technology, improving LED light tube, LED light bulb, LED light spotlight, LED light downlight, LED light panel and LED light PL quality and reducing LED tube light, LED bulb light, LED spotlight light, LED downlight light, LED panel light and LED PL light cost. Over 80% of the products are exported, the customers are spread over several countries, including America, Russia, Spain, Australia, German, Italia, Japan, Korea and other countries.

 Our Mission is to develop more efficient <a href=""&gt;LED tubes</a>, <a href=""&gt;LED bulbs</a>, <a href=""&gt;LED spotlights</a>, <a href=""&gt;LED downlights</a>, <a href=""&gt;LED panels</a> and <a href=""&gt;LED PL lights</a> for our customer, we look forward to cooperate with you to protect our environment and care for our future by promoting the use of <a href=""&gt;LED light tubes</a>, <a href=""&gt;LED light bulbs</a>, <a href=""&gt;LED light spotlights</a>,<a href=""> LED light downlight</a>, <a href=""&gt;LED light panels</a> and <a href=""&gt;LED light PL</a> Cs in the world.

[url=] LED Tube LED Bulb LED Panel LED Pl [/url]

Tel: +86-755-27658866 Fax: +86-755-27658821;vmid=138#vmessage138

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