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Broad match keyword Vs Exact match keyword

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I have a website that rank 7th position for a broad match keyword with over 18k search/month but am not getting any traffic, Why? Broad match keyword and exact match keyword which is better to rank for?

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Darlington – If you are referring to a broad match keyword with an average position of 7 then I wouldn’t expect it to receive much traffic. If that same keyword has a low CTR then you should either raise the MAX CPC to see if helps increase ad position and CTR or just pause the keyword all together. In general a lot of focus should not be placed on Broad match keywords since they are representative of users searching earlier in the buying cycle. Broad match keywords should always have a lower MAX CPC than phrase and exact match keywords and used for search query and negative keyword mining.

Exact match keywords are much better for converting since users searching on those keywords are typically at the end of the buying cycling. In this case you would want to have exact keywords in a higher average position. You should also be willing to pay more for exact match keywords since, again, they are more likely to convert.

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